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Receive warm greetings from Child Restoration Outreach (CRO), Mbale.

Christine with the childrenIn 2015, CRO was committed to rebuilding the lives of children on the streets and empowering them to become productive in society. This has however not been easy as the needs of the children always overwhelm the available resources.

As we wrap up 2015, we would like to recognize your tireless efforts in supporting the education of former street children. Children on the streets have been denied every right to education. But every child deserves the right to education. It is the key that will unlock more opportunities and liberate them from ignorance, poverty and disease. ...

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 Our Mission

We're a non-profit committed to rebuilding the lives of street children in Uganda, restore and reconcile them with God, re-integrate them with their families and empower them as well as their families to become productive and self-reliant.
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Re-integration: an Approach with Lasting Impact

You want to help street children become productive,self-reliant and build resilient, self-sustaining communities? Re-integration,a community-based approach is the most powerful and sustainable form to provide them with support. Explore with us.


Essential Activities for the Children


Youth Development and Empowerment Activities


Community Livelihood Improvement


Staff and Management Programs

CRO depends on donations and generosity of our supporters and well-wishers, Each donation is worth and very appreciated as it helps the organization deal with the increasing number of children on the streets.

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how we spend yo donations

CRO's total operating expenses show that the highest percentage were used for programs that benefit children, families, and communities we serve.

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As of 2015, CRO has supported over 9000 street children, and about2000 families with Rehabilitation, Re-integration, Education, and Livelihood improvement.

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