• Music-dance

    Music and dance perfomed by the CRO Children

  • CRO  program

    Children undergoing computer training

  • Peer education

    CRO group/peer counselling session

  • Art lessons

    Children having fun through painting

  • Child Labour

    Children hawking bananas - a form of child labor

  • Peer education session

    Peer education sessions at CRO

  • Sports

    The CRO fooball club

  • Community Outreach

    CRO training women and men about parenting

  • Formal School

    CRO children attending to formal education

  • Remedial classes

    Remedial lessons at CRO DROP center

  • Productive skilled activities

    Children harvesting maize from the CRO farm.

  • cro graduates

    Some CRO graduands celebrating thier achievement

  • Street Walks

    Street walks (night surveys)

  • Eating from Garbage

    Street children picking from garbage heaps

  • CRO Rehabilitation Class

    Rehabilitation class at a CRO drop center


As of 2014, CRO has supported over 7000 street children, and 2000 families with Rehabilitation, Re-integration, Education, and Livelihood improvement.

A Project For Street Children in Uganda

Child Restoration Outreach, (CRO), is a Christian, Non Governmental Organisation, located in Uganda, With its head office in Mbale town at Plot 15 - 17 Bishop Wasikye Road in Mbale Municipality. It was founded by a group of local Christians, in 1992, to help in the rehabilitation of street children and their families.


Our Goal is to contribute towards the prevention, rehabilitation, education and resettlement of street children and empowerment of their families in order for them to become productive and self reliant.

Children formally living on the streets holistically transformed into productive and responsible persons in society.

To rebuild the lives of children on the streets, restore and reconcile them with God and with their families, empowering them to become productive.
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Our Approach


In line with the Ugandan government policies, CRO does not institutionalize children, but assists them to get rehabilitated, educated and resettled within their extended families as a long-term strategy.



We carry out several activities which benefit the entire society. The actvities are categorised into children and community activities. All activities are properly carried out by trained CRO staff.


CRO is proud to work together with different local and international partner organisations. We are very grateful for the financial, physical, moral and technical support we have received so far. We appreciate your encouragement to continue fulfilling our mission.

Photo Gallery

music,dance & drama
Street visits
Community Outreach