Did you know that we've
supported over 9000 street children
and over 2000 families to understand
child rights since 1992?

Why are children increasingly getting on the streets in Uganda?

Children move to the streets in Uganda as result of family disintegration, domestic violence, famine/drought in Karamonja (North-East) and extreme poverty. Extreme poverty is the prime cause of the street children crisis as it dumps a plethora of problems onto a street child causing not only suffering, but also conspiring to keep the child poor throughout his/her life. In search for survival, the poor children are forced to sacrifice education and training; without skills the child will, as an adult - remain at the bottom of the economic heap.

How is it like - living on the streets?

Children on the streets suffer harassment, lack of shelter, health complications, child abuse, child labour(exploitation), sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS, hunger, lack of sanitary facilities, mob justice, use of vulgar language and many times they are sent to prison for petty crimes because they do no have anyone to bail them out. As a result, local communities commonly consider them to be criminals or deviants, and they face violence and discrimination.

This is how we help street children -

Through re-integration - we seek for a safe environment for the physical and emotional wellbeing of the child as he/she gets rehabilitated before joining school.  At CRO, street children get to learn about their rights, life skills, and behaviour change. Peer education is key as skilled CRO children talk to their peers since we believe they understand them better in order to mentor and champion them to change for a better future.

Re-integration: an Approach with Lasting Impact

You want to help street children become productive,self-reliant and build resilient, self-sustaining communities? Re-integration,a community-based approach is the most powerful and sustainable form to provide them with support. Explore with us.


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As of 2015, CRO has supported over 9000 street children, and about2000 families with Rehabilitation, Re-integration, Education, and Livelihood improvement.

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