The CRO National Office was opened in 2004. The National Office is situated on Bishop Wasikye Road Plot 15-17 in Mbale town, Eastern Uganda. It shares the office building with CRO Mbale Project.


The Main functions of the CRO National Office are:
  • Coordination, planning and development of CRO programs
  • Support supervision to program managers
  • Program Monitoring, Audits and Evaluation
  • Staff training and development
  • Representation of CRO organization
  • National meetings and Retreats
  • Fundraisings
  • Advocacy, documentation and dissemination of CRO functions
  • Board Training and development
  • Initiation of new CRO programs

Board Members

  • Rev. Simon Peter Emiau - Chairperson
  • Pastor Benjamin Otim - Member
  • Mrs. Naomi Gonahasa Watiti - Member
  • Pastor Sam Mukabi - Member
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