Voices of the Children

Street children deserve to be protected ,respected and accepted just like other children.

nabuduwa ashaBorn in 2008, Mercy a 2nd born in a family of 3 children lost her father when she was only 2 years. Due to cultural beliefs, her mother was mistreated by her in-laws as they took all the property that was owned by their late father / husband respectively.

This left the family without a sustainable source of income and no place to stay as getting a daily meal appeared like a miracle.

Mercy says, “Our condition of living became unbearable day by day and as a result, my mother abandoned me with my aunt and left for Kampala (Uganda's Capital City) to look for odd jobs. For six (6) years, we never saw nor heard from her again.”

Mercy’s aunt who also never had a viable source of income got frustrated and got rid of the poor young girl as she did not have enough food for both of them.

“Hunger and starvation became part of my life”, she laments,“i couldn't wait to die, so I was influenced by other children to part-time on the streets”

Mercy began scavenging on the streets of Mbale in order to preserve her dear life. She could pick anything that looked valuable to sell and eat.

CRO social workers came across Mercy during their routine street survey activity and encouraged her to join CRO to which she accepted.

CRO social workers conducted a family survey as an activity to its Re-integration/Resettlement approach where her Auntie was traced. Mercy has been resettled and currently stays with her Aunt in a rented room in Mbale Municipality.

She has also joined CRO’s One Year Rehabilitation class which will enable her get proper life skill values and consequently get enrolled for formal education.

”When I grow up, I would like to become a nurse and help treat people”, Mercy tells her ambition.


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