Children activities

Actions taken to rescue and  transform the children on the streets.

CRO social workers visit the streets daily in order to identify street children and to select the right children for support. They talk to them on the streets to find out how they can be assisted. The children are then invited to the center to attend the rehabilitation program.

There are two categories of street Children:

(i) Part-time street children

  • Comprise of 60% of street children
  • They spend most of their active hours on the streets and retire later in the evening to sleep in the slum communities.
  • They are the bread-winners and responsible for their entire families.
  • They either find work or beg in the streets.

(ii) Full-time Street children

  • Comprise of 40% of street children
  • They work and live on the streets, and have no contact with their families
  • They are engaged in sniffing drugs, sexual abuse and petty crimes.
  • They are usually victims of mob-justice when caught in crime.

Activities by children on the streets

On the streets, children engage themselves in different activities such as:

  • Child labor ( odd jobs ranging from cleaning to carrying heavy loads),
  • Theft
  • Begging
  • Sniffing glue/petroleum
  • Drug abuse
  • Sexual abuse and use of vulgar language.

Problems Faced by street children

Children on the streets suffer harassment, cold nights, various sicknesses, child abuse, child labour, sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS, hunger, lack of sanitary facilities, mob justice and many times they are sent to prison for petty crimes because they do no have anyone to bail them out.


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