CRO is supporting street children and their families. Street life means a daily struggle for survival. Children experience assault, drug abuse, diseases, hunger, exploitation through child labor, physical and emotional abuse.There are part time and full time street children who are the direct beneficiaries of CRO. Other children in the community and schools are indirect beneficiaries through the peer education activities and outreach programs. There are many street children of great talents (music, sports, dance) which we try to develop.

The program was first started in Mbale and now has grown and expanded its activities to three other major towns; namely Jinja (1998),  Masaka (2002) and Lira (2007). The organisation is registered with the National NGO Board in the Ministry of Internal Affairs as S.5914/667. The National Office is situated in Mbale.


Our Goal is to contribute towards the prevention, rehabilitation, education and resettlement of street children and empowerment of their families in order for them to become productive and self reliant.


Children formally living on the streets holistically transformed into productive and responsible persons in society.


To rebuild the lives of children on the streets, restore and reconcile them with God and with their families, empowering them to become productive.


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