1 .Annual Board and Staff Meeting:

annual meetingAt the beginning of each year, CRO Boards of Directors & Staff meet together to share their work plans and budgets for the year. The meeting is also a forum to pray together, learn from each other, discuss different points of views/ opinions and exchange experiences. It is also a time to share the challenges and solutions concerning the street children's work.

2.Staff Retreat:

CRO-Staff-RetreatStaff from the three CRO Projects meet once a year in a five-day's retreat to have a break from the work, share experiences and new ideas, reflect on the work of CRO, learn from the best practices, gain spiritual refreshment and insight and also to strengthen the CRO National Team.

3.Gift Exchange:

Gift-ExchangeAt the end of each year, CRO staff at their different centers exchange gifts with one another as a sign of appreciation and love to each other. The culture of gift sharing has cemented staff relationships and enhanced the spirit of giving one's best to others.

4.May Coach Program:

In order for us to provide quality care, this program offers several ways of helping staff develop resilience as an effective tool to prevent burnout; and embrace self-care as a means to enhance emotional well-being when every day seems to be a ”bad” day; develop reduced empathy towards those we serve and general apathy towards work or home life, feel exhausted all the time; when sometimes majority of their day is spent on tasks they find either mind-numbingly boring or, in contrast, overwhelming and feel like nothing they do MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

May Coach brings new beginnings in the lives of CRO staff and hence able to qualitatively and quantitatively contribute towards CRO’s goal of rebuilding the lives of street children, restore and reconcile them with God and with their families empowering them to become productive.

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