child-getting-foodCRO provides the children with lunch which is most often posho (maize dish) and beans. Having the same kind food every day is not beneficial; the children should have a balanced diet.
The following prices are for lunch for about 500 children for one day.


Food stuff (unit) Price Code
Rice (100 kg) 95 USD Lunch-R
Meat (40 kg) 104 USD Lunch-M
Sweet potatoes (2-3 bags) 60 USD Lunch-SP
Cabbage (1 bag) With peanut sauce (5 kg) 20 USD Lunch-CG
Posho (50 kg) 32 USD Lunch-P
Beans (20 kg) 15 USD Lunch-B

If you want to contribute to them having a balanced diet, or pay ordinary lunch for one day, you can do it easily by putting the code attached to the wanted food stuff on the payment made to the bank
;To help CRO on this program with a check or transfer,use the bank account details  and help notify us on your deposit at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you!

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