Children from the streets usually get various complications ranging from injuries for First-Aid cases to advanced illnesses.C.R.O runs medical clinics at its centers which treat all the street children and poor families living in the Namatala slum in Mbale, Masese slum in Jinja, Nyendo slum in Masaka and the Bar ogore slum in Lira.


C.R.O also provides family planning and immunization to the poor families. We often run a mobile clinic once or twice i in a month in the Namatala slum in Mbale which has greatly reduced on child mortality rate and improved the health of mothers in the community.

CRO clinics with no doubt have been of great importance to the children. The clinics give medical assistance to those who would otherwise not have been helped, due to lack of money. At times it unfortunately takes longer than necessary to treat the patients. 

Under our clinics,CRO provides;

  • Routine medical checkups
  • Reproductive Health care
  • Health and hygiene education
  • Curative procedures
  • Medicine
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and sensitization.
  • Malnutrition screening and rehabilitation
  • Anti-parasite campaigns
  •  and Dental checkups and treatment

When there are no resources for medications, the treatments can not be conducted.

To help improve and maintain our child healthcare services,contact CRO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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