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Current Partners

CRO is proud to cooperate with a large number of Local and International Non Government Organizations .These have helped to finance a great deal of the organization’s work. Our current partner organizations are;

a1Kinder not hilfe logo This organization  focuses on financing projects which promote the sustainable development of children and young people, awaken their potential and improve their chances in life. This presupposes great dependability and obligations which usually lead to long term commitments. Each local situation determines which form of assistance is appropriate...Read More

a2srtome Stromme Stiftelsen is a non government organization having operations in all countries. CRO is very greatful to be a partner to such a prestigious organisation...Read More

edukans Edukans Foundation is a development organization with a unique focus on basic education. Every child is entitled to have access to basic education of good quality. Yet, world-wide, 80 million children do not attend school. For Edukans this is an unacceptable situation. Action has to be taken. Every child should have the opportunity to get relevant education. Edukans facilitates this in close cooperation with local partner organisations in developing countries. Edukans also involves students in the Netherlands in the field of quality improvement of basic education and awareness raising on the issue...Read More

ac erikshjalpen Erikshjälpens vision is to change the world by making children’s dreams come true. It can be the dream about being able to go to school, the dream that mom will find work or the dream that dad will stop being so sick.

In cooperation with local partner organizations, we create conditions for children and families to develop good living conditions by supporting their own drive. We work towards the realization of the the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Millenium Goals. Main strategies for Erikshjälpen’s programmes are access to education, family and community empowerment, gender equity, local resource mobilization and strengthening civil society...Read More


retraklogoRetrak is a UK based charity that works with street children in Africa to give them a real alternative to life on the street. Retrak began in Kampala, Uganda in 1994 as a football club providing street children with the opportunity for play and, for a short while at least, escape their day to day problems and dangers. Recognizing both the need and the potential, Retrak expanded the scope of its work beyond football and, by 1997, had become a UK charity and was registered in Uganda as a NGO called the Tigers Club Project; later renamed Retrak.

Programs were developed by working with the children individually, to find what worked best for them; and grew to include education, vocational training, health care, counseling and more, while keeping the much loved football sessions...Read More


africa education trustAET supports education for the poorest and most excluded groups in conflict-affected areas of Africa. AET partners with CRO to provide improved access to quality primary education for extremely disadvantaged street children in Mbale, leading to better chances in life through acquisition of literacy and life skills....Read More



terre-des-hommesThe Terre des Hommes International Federation is a network of ten national organisations working for the rights of children and to promote equitable development without racial, religious, political, cultural or gender-based discrimination.

read more


 CRO is greatly indebited to our sundry donors that are supporting the programme whenever possible.These include;Berlin International School,The Berlin American Club,Pastors Magret and Malcom Theobold,Be More, Gudmundra Forsamling,CROSO,Ev.Schlosskir Changemeide Koepenick, E.V.Kirchenkires Berlin Stadtmitte, Karuna EV e.t.c.

CRO is greatful to the individual donors that are supporting individual children such as Susannah Hills, Margaret Glaser, Gloria Siqueiros,Lee King,Hubert Keulers,Roland Stoeber,Rudi Stielow,Tobias Brinhorst,Miriam,Pastor Rolf Kuhni, Uta Hollweg, Eivindi Myhr, Jensi Olai Justvik, Angellica Hinsch,Anneke Kneppers e.t.c

 Below is a summary of our previous partners
  •   World food programme (WFP)
  •   GTZ
  •   Trickle Up  Program
  •  International Labour Organization-International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (ILO-IPEC)
  • EveryChild
  • ICCO
  • Dutch Embassy
  • Kinderen in de Knel
  • World Concern
  • Goal Uganda
  • Tear Fund-Netherlands
  • World Learning Inc.
  • Edinburg City Fellowship - UK
  • ZOA-Sudan
  • First Fruit-USA
  • CLN-UK
  • Evangelische Omroep




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P.O. Box 2179 Jinja, Uganda
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