Choosing to offer service towards helping others become well is such involving and demands compassion and care for those being served. CRO strives to holistically transform the lives of children formally living on the streets into productive and responsible citizens on this earth .In our work with the children and as we strive to help them; we continually have to listen to distressing trauma stories and personal tragedies. Overtime we can develop emotional residue as we are regularly exposed often leaving us with a feeling of tiredness, disappointment, frustration, and depression.

In this regard, to be able to deal with our old enemy –BURN OUT; CRO in partnership with  May Coach set out a program to help staff deal with the reflective aftereffects as a result of these tragedies. The fact that our work is both ambitious and challenging; delivering real results for vulnerable children and their families further places a high degree of stress on the staff providing care besides other relationships and responsibilities outside work.

In order for us to provide quality care, this program offers several ways of helping staff develop resilience as an effective tool to prevent burnout; and embrace self-care as a means to enhance emotional well-being when every day seems to be a ”bad” day; develop reduced empathy towards those we serve and general apathy towards work or home life, feel exhausted all the time; when sometimes majority of their day is spent on tasks they find either mind-numbingly boring or, in contrast, overwhelming and feel like nothing they do MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

MayCoach brings new beginnings in the lives of CRO staff and hence be able to qualitatively and quantitatively contribute towards CRO’s goal of rebuilding the lives of street children, restore and reconcile them with God and with their families empowering them to become productive.

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