CRO Lira project opened its doors on 1st November 2007 to the children living and working on the streets of Lira town. The project office and drop in center is located on Plot 18, Otim Lakana Close, Central Division, Lira Municipality.

This project was a result of a baseline survey conducted by CRO Uganda in 2006; which revealed that there was an escalating number of street children in Lira town. The children were on the streets as a result of the 20 year old civil war in the North which displaced many people causing them to live in the camps. Domestic violence, wide spread poverty, and death of parents due to AIDS are among the causes of street children in Lira town. The children came on the streets to escape being abducted by the rebels, get food and also earn income from selling scrap metals.

Over the years, CRO Lira has impacted the lives of over 700   street children. Currently,

  • 50 children attend the Rehabilitation program,
  • 197 (110 boys and 87 girls) children attend primary school,
  • 29 (22 boys and 07 girls) children attend secondary school,
  • 01 children attend university,
  • 28 (15 boys and 13 girls) children attend vocational training institute and informal vocational training.

CRO Lira works with local leaders and over 400 parents/guardians of the former street children and other over 1880 households in the communities of Ojwina, Adyel and Railways divisions of Lira Municipality. They are empowered with knowledge and skills on business, parenting, child protection, family planning and other health related awareness to help them raise better families.

Other activities carried out at the center include psycho-social care and support, feeding, recreation, medical clinic, and agriculture.

The project is also working closely with the slum community of Bargole, where some of the street children come from. Activities implemented in the community include; women clubs, Self Help Groups (SHG), Adult literacy, Family planning and immunization.Thanks to Edukans foundation who provided the funds for purchase and renovations of the building.


 The Program Manager
Child Restoration Outreach- Lira
P.O Box 1078, Lira - Uganda
Office: +256-473-420 988
Mobile: +256-782-926 198
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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